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Chelvendra Sathieaanandha is an Australian filmmaker based in Melbourne and New York. His collaborations have played internationally. He has consulted on projects that have raised over half a million dollars, and on videos for American governors and presidential candidates. He is a recipient of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association Award, and has received the Grand Prize for Best Editing at the Rhode Island International Film Festival. Sathieaanandha has collaborated on projects in the USA, Australia, UK and Vietnam; he has experience in India, Italy, Germany and China. He is a MFA graduate in Directing from Columbia University, New York, where he earned multiple fellowships. Being born in India and raised in Australia before learning his craft in the United States, Sathieaanandha represents diverse influences and intersecting histories. His storytelling engagement extends beyond film and television to possibilities found in gaming and VR. He hopes to one day direct a game, and feature shot primarily on drones. His goal is to engage and confront audiences but to promote harmony and compassion whilst seeking to discover and provide understanding of why why why everything, anything.